Shutting Down

Hey guys, we've had a hellish week to say the least. A former disgruntled team member that had access to our backend systems and email has been deleting incoming orders, messages, and emails. He's caused irreperable harm to our service (as was his goal in disrupting things) and we're shutting down in the best fashion we can given the circumstances. We've since changed passwords and sought criminal charges against said former team member.

We've cancelled all recurring payment profiles and are archiving all available maps so we can email them to you if you'd still like them. We ask current members with servers to please email us here: with their current status as we refund this months payments and work to make this as painless as possible. We will of course be doing our due diligence to contact you about your services and refund but it could help us catch those that slip through the cracks if you guys also contacted us.

A note to those trying to scam us and get money out of this messy refund process (b/c we've caught one already): we still have all the paypal records so we know when and who ordered and you won't stand a chance getting a refund from us if you havent purchased anything ...

Luckily since we used two email/authentication systems, one that had access to paypal etc and one that didn't the disgruntled former team member did not have access to any financialy/paypal information so only emails/names were compromised. These he was not really interested in, he just wanted to harm our service.

We started ServMinecraft to bring down prices in Minecraft servers and do our best to imporve service and features. It is now obvious that we are no longer able to do that and we send our deepest apologies to our users and those that followed our service.

Ordering new servers has now been disabled and the website will remain up until we are sure that everyones service has been wound down in as responsible a manner as possible.